Reasons I Live Like This: #2 Minimalist, though not quite Thoreau-ing it

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Simple Thing
by Rachel Craig,

Minimalist, though not quite Thoreau-ing it

The main part of our life here that qualifies as minimalist is the tininess of our cabin and the necessary de-cluttering to fit our junk in here. We had to give away not just our ~two decades of mutually accumulated stuff, but when we originally moved out of the big city we had to part with a house that had been in the family for over half a decade and three generations worth of accumulation. Much of which came directly from The Shopping Network. There were closets in that house that were life risking to open!

For me, this was like burning off the dross. For my not-so-minimalist husband, it was all done with hesitation. Early on in our marriage, I would have never bet that he could go through with this level of purging. However, now all the things he moved past don’t even come to his mind.

As per minimalist design and not having even enjoyable items around (think Henson’s Box), I’m not that* minimalist. It’s more of a process of being choosy about what’s in my space, and not wasting space. I dislike clutter of the unused and unappreciated kind. I am fully okay with adding “stuff” you love or find inspiring. Things are that are more than just stuff.

I have a technology bridge yet to cross, perhaps never to cross entirely. We have DVDs, CDs, and books and there’s a traditionalism/Luddite V minimalism war inside as far as “de-cluttering” these belongings. These collections might need to become part of the furniture.

One thing that is not minimalist in our life is the simple living aspect, even though this sounds contradictory. I have a chore list that has increased substantially as far as time output. If I ever have time saving devices again, like a sleek washer and dryer, I will not be quick to take them for granted. In fact, I might tongue kiss the possible machines of my future in gratitude. The “simple life” is a misnomer. However for reasons I’ll address in a future Reasons I Live Like This, simple living has it’s benefits and I find myself being stretched in good ways.

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3 comments on “Reasons I Live Like This: #2 Minimalist, though not quite Thoreau-ing it
  1. Great post! I see minimalism as a process. I am currently simplifying my life, one day at a time. I am excited to see where it will lead me!

  2. The “simple life” is hard. We have no hot water tank, no washer/dryer, and we’ll soon be getting a septic system (hurrah – goodbye to the bucket!) In the winter, we have to turn off the water intake because the pipes freeze. It’s amazing how much I appreciate even cold running water when we have it! Things take so much longer do now here.

    And I love it. 🙂

  3. Kate says:

    Sounds like you are on your way to a balance that works for you! We are a bit more Thoreau-ing it but not as hard core as some. It only works if you’re happy and wake up enjoying what you have to work with. Great article!

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