Off Grid Homestead Progress Update

Progress Update June 7, 2014: I’ve been busy planting our first garden here (we’ll probably buy a solar electric fence from Home Hardware in the coming weeks?), he’s been screening in the porch, and shortly we’ll be working on a wood shed. The to-do list is long for 2014, but thankfully most items are a one time ordeal. Also, since we had our first black bear to scare off on May 31, I’m trimming the tree-line and bush more than originally planned so there’s less bear cover in the areas we walk through.

Off Grid Homestead Progress Update December, 2013: We’re fishing for solar power! Please contact us if you know a reliable company in Ontario or elsewhere in Canada. Solar Installation Day will be THE big day for Off Grid Homestead.

Progress Update December 8, 2013: Our wood stove was WETT certified today, by our fire chief. Turns out he almost bought this cabin 20 years ago, because it reminded him of a boy scout cabin from his past, same layout. His wife thought he was crazy!

Progress Update December, 2013: We’ve hit the 1,000 likes mark on our Facebook Page.

Off Grid Homestead Progress Update November 11, 2013: Manual Well Pump Installed (includes pictures of the Bison)!

Progress Update Early November, 2013: Steel Roofing Installed (includes pictures)!

Progress Update October 22-23, 2013: Cabin is Up and Up (includes pictures)!

Off Grid Homestead Progress Update September, 2013: Woodstove installed (includes pictures)!

Off Grid Homestead Progress Update September, 2013: Wiring and well drilling details (includes pictures)!

Progress Update August 23, 2013: House sold and firm!

Off Grid Homestead Progress Update August 1, 2013: Well drilled!

Progress Update July 5, 2013: Cabin sale is firm! Our closing is mid-July!

Progress Update June 24, 2013: Slight change of plans (no building from scratch, and not thousands of km away). We’ve made an offer on a 360sf cabin / fixer upper up north, in the vicinity of Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario.

Progress Update March 2013: We’ve been in contact with a couple off-gridders in the area we’re looking at (but not from the exact same rural municipality). The report is good so far! I’ve gone ahead and emailed the powers that be in our rural municipality of choice. (Note: this original area of choice was Piney, Manitoba and surrounding.)

Progress Update January 2013: We’re selling or free-cycling almost everything we own! It’s about ten times the amount of work you’d imagine.

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  1. Hi again! About buying a solar fence, we have two gardens here at Tranquility Woods and have had them for 4 years — with no electric fence and no deer! If you plot out your garden narrow enough and install a deterring fence maybe 4 feet tall, deer will be hesitant to jump in if they feel it is not wide enough as they fear being enclosed. We do have the occasional chipmunk eating our tomatoes, but for the most part its been a bountiful 4 growing seasons now!

  2. hello from the bush!
    we use canadian tire solar panels and buy when they are on sale going from the $299.00 to 199.00 price.
    charlie has rigged up a great frame from some metal brackets we’ve repurposed.
    by purchasing this way we’ve been able to spend smaller amounts.
    we use nautilus deep cycle batteries also from the canadian tire store.
    for more info, if you are interested, email us and charlie can tell you about some snags and ‘go rounds’ with chinese electronic parts!
    great to hear of your progress. it’s 11 years for us…….and we LOVE it!

  3. Renee says:

    Nice! I’ve been wanting to clean out too- I look around our house and feel really frustrated with all the “stuff” (and I’m no hoarder by any definition). I think to myself, “do we really need any of this crap?” Hubs is not in that same head space so, for now, I’m a living vicariously through you friend! 😉

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