Haliburton Highlands Fandom #MyHaliburtonHighlands

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Hey guys! This is a quick announcement. I’ve started a fan page for the area I live in at Haliburton Highlands Fandom on Facebook. I’m even more curious about local flora, fauna, geology, history, etc., than my own lifestyle. So here’s a category for localized posts focusing on Haliburton County, to go with the Haliburton Highlands Fandom page, which will only overlap occasionally with Off Grid Homestead’s Facebook page/content.

Haliburton-Highlands-Fandom on Facebook

Here are a few of the initial offerings on Haliburton Highlands Fandom, in the heart of Ontario’s cottage country:

For those not logged in, “Anita’s sweet dog guiding us to Tory Hill Community Park along the IB&O Trail. Photo by Rachel from Off Grid Homestead.”

For those not logged in, “Two woodpeckers incl. a Northern Flicker, Haliburton County, Photo by Rachel from Off Grid Homestead.”

For those not logged in, “Old building in Tory Hill, Photo by Rachel from Off Grid Homestead.”

For those not logged in, “From the public beach at Lake Wilbermere (Kent said the Wilbermere Lake signs are wrong, it was reg’d as LAKE Wilbermere! He also said it’s 90 feet deep, whoa!) Wilber for Wilberforce, mere as in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mere_(lake). Photo by Rachel from Off Grid Homestead. #MyHaliburtonHighlands”

I already have over 40 posts scheduled including some spooky ones for late October, and plenty where those came from. I’m also planning to share educational events rel. to the area plus a few local charities.

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