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Making of a Saw Buck

Guest Post by Craig Growing up in my grandparents home, I spent a lot of time with my grandfather in his work room. Like all the old timers there was an abundance of hand tools and few to no power

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Clothes Wringer Review

How’d we go with our first wringer?* by Rachel Craig, *Subtitle inspired by my Aussie professors I originally planned to buy a “Good” clothes wringer from Lehmans, but the cost of shipping (incl. duty) was a bit much. And

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The Outhouse Rules

Outhouse (Old Fashioned Composting Toilet) Maintenance by Rachel Craig, *TMI Warning If you grew up camping, sprinkling lime is probably the extent of your outhouse maintenance experience. Outhouse care is one of those things I didn’t look into when

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The Winter of Our Manual Laundry

Off Grid, Non-Electric Laundry Alternatives Winter Follow-up by Rachel Craig, Late autumn chilliness had me move my laundry washing routine inside to spare my icy fingers. Then around 40 degrees outside on the drying line, the laundry went from

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Manual Well Pump Installed (Off grid journey cont’d..)

Simple Pump or Bison pump Brand Toss Up by Rachel Craig, We have our manual deep well pump installed! It was $1700 plus a few hundred tax and duty. Our well guy installed it for around $500, but it’s

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Little Cabin, Big Woodstove (Off grid journey cont’d..)

Burn Baby Burn by Rachel Craig, The new owner of our last house did not want the Pacific Energy wood stove we’d installed less than a year earlier. As part of our sale agreement we got to take it

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Wiring and Well Drilling (Off grid journey cont’d..)

Phone, Internet, Well (in that order) by Rachel Craig, Landline Phone It’s been quite a month and a bit. Over half the time we’ve been totally cut off from the outside world. We finally have a land line hooked

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Wells and Alternatives to Water Wells

Off Grid Water Supply Decisions by Rachel Craig, I grew up on a well. Having our own well would be ideal, although with scorched earth policies abounding there’s no guarantee some huge operation won’t set up nearby and destroy

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(OffGridHomesteadCA) on YouTube

Off Grid Homestead’s YouTube channel has playlists (and eventually our own uploaded videos!) related to all the categories listed onsite: (OffGridHomesteadCA) on YouTube

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Off Grid, Non-Electric Laundry Alternatives

by Rachel Craig, Taking Your Laundry Off Grid I once had to hand wash and hand wring our laundry during a blackout, at least a few loads. It took a lot of time and effort to wash each piece.

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