Beginner Fermenting: Faux Kimchi

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..short for vegan and full of rurally found substitute ingredients that certainly don’t include daikon radishes!
by Rachel Craig,

Beginner Fermenting: Faux Kimchi

My plan was to follow the directions from Vegan Kimchi: As Good As The Real Thing, but the curse of bush shopping struck. (One of the few things I miss about the big city is ease of access re: exotic foods!) The reddest miso I could find was more of a tan, and I could only find everyday red radishes. And as far as Korean dried chilli powder is concerned – I must have been dreaming to have included it on my shopping list.

Faux Kimchi Ingredients

Pounding Salted Cabbage

Before fermenting:

Faux Kimchi Before Fermenting

Despite all the substitute ingredients from an already substituted/vegan-ized recipe, plus my pale miso paste, this fermented garlicky vegan “kimchi” came out delicious.

After fermenting:

Faux Kimchi After Fermenting

In a jar with a plug that came with my Fermentools kit:

Jar of Faux Kimchi

Gone way too soon.

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